ReDS on my Mind

I awoke early today without the help of the alarm. I should be sleeping like the dead yet thoughts have been flickering in and out of my mind all night. Figured I might as well just get up and start tackling the necessary logistics of what to do about all the refugees flooding our way.

What do we do? Many are sleeping outdoors and that can’t be good as our temperatures drop to the low 40’s at night and go to the high 100’s in the day. They need shelter.

Another pressing thought forcing it’s way into my consciousness is ReDS. Our disparate band of fugitives have been fine up until now. We’ve respected each other’s space only coming together occassionally for trading goods but essentially keeping to our individual “blocks” or homes. Our loose community to date never worried about ReDS outbreak as we were never that close to one another geographically and we sustained ourselves in our homes/area. Now the refugees are everywhere, acting like a stringy thread connecting us all into a larger web of people.

I’m going to meet the caravan on the coast today. I’m trying to find some good trade items as I want to procure some key pieces to my upcoming projects: 1) An old iPhone so I can rig something up to pick up online connections to news from the nearby cities 2) A hexayurt — the traders had a few a few weeks back and I never really paid much attention because I had shelter. Now we need to set up some emergency tent and find out how we can procure more for the refugees. Once I get more info, I’m going to meet with my neighbors to discuss where we go from here. I wonder if the traders will have an old biology kit — we need to find out how to test the refugees for ReDS. We cannot afford an outbreak here.


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