ReDS on my Mind

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I awoke early today without the help of the alarm. I should be sleeping like the dead yet thoughts have been flickering in and out of my mind all night. Figured I might as well just get up and start tackling the necessary logistics of what to do about all the refugees flooding our way.

What do we do? Many are sleeping outdoors and that can’t be good as our temperatures drop to the low 40’s at night and go to the high 100’s in the day. They need shelter.

Another pressing thought forcing it’s way into my consciousness is ReDS. Our disparate band of fugitives have been fine up until now. We’ve respected each other’s space only coming together occassionally for trading goods but essentially keeping to our individual “blocks” or homes. Our loose community to date never worried about ReDS outbreak as we were never that close to one another geographically and we sustained ourselves in our homes/area. Now the refugees are everywhere, acting like a stringy thread connecting us all into a larger web of people.

I’m going to meet the caravan on the coast today. I’m trying to find some good trade items as I want to procure some key pieces to my upcoming projects: 1) An old iPhone so I can rig something up to pick up online connections to news from the nearby cities 2) A hexayurt — the traders had a few a few weeks back and I never really paid much attention because I had shelter. Now we need to set up some emergency tent and find out how we can procure more for the refugees. Once I get more info, I’m going to meet with my neighbors to discuss where we go from here. I wonder if the traders will have an old biology kit — we need to find out how to test the refugees for ReDS. We cannot afford an outbreak here.


Mass Migration

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I have never seen so many tired, hungry people in my life. The past two days have shown a never ending stream of families, stragglers migrating north west towards the sea, hoping for a place to settle and survive. Where once our hill was spotted with few agri-fugitives like myself, it seems that something has driven the masses out of the city and towards the “outside” lands.

For the past few days I have been helping these people set up camp, sharing what food I have to spare, listening to their stories of hardship and loss. These are the generation exiles I have heard about from the caravans. Some of my “neighbors” have come to help as well, although there have been whisperings that many are going to lock their homes for fear of theft and looting from the refugees. Todd is leaning in that direction, concerned for our own survival and our safety, but I cannot seem to be a party to that. Some of the refugees have small children. How can I turn my back on those who are so defenseless and in need?

A few days back, some caravaners were talking about maverick organizations popping up to address our need for sustainable food beyond the individuals and for localized relief teams trying to provide solutions for the mass migration of refugees. I need to accelerate my progress to gain access to these multiple points of information, aggregate them so I can learn and build a solution for this community and pray that we can form an ecosystem that can take care of itself. Despite what my neighbors are saying, we are becoming a refugee city. The sooner we get that and start working together, the better off we will be. So my quest begins…

Observations on Weather

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So, day 2 and we are being revisited by the thick mist from yesterday. I should be overjoyed because we were able to collect some additional moisture for our tests but Todd is still running the studies to ensure it is safe to consume. I admit, I love that the weather has cooled down if even a wee bit but the movie from 2007 “The Mist” keeps coming back to haunt my overactive imagination. Given the state of affairs in 2019, I hope someone didn’t rip a hole in space and create a portal for strange oversized, hungry, bloodsucking bugs to enter our already troubled world. Silly girl, focus on the real and tangible issues at hand.

Really, I am concerned and will be keeping close tabs on the climate over the next few days. Can’t help thinking that we will go through another extreme climate shift if this continues into a more consistent pattern. Must try to contact weather2019 to see if they have any data on what’s happening on the west coast. In the meantime, I was able to barter some of my herbs for some papers provided by the Global Swadeshi on sustainable agriculture; I am hoping to further my knowledge to expand the garden to sustaining more than Todd and I. The other day I saw a family hike by our place and I think they settled somewhere up the road. I need to check on them.

The Mist

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The morning started out in the usual way, bright and hot with a thick layer of smog creating a brown line along the horizon. Would be a beautiful day if the sky were blue and there were green trees dotting the horizon creating a contrasting canopy of texture and colors. Instead, as I survey the barren hills, all i see is honey brown for as far as the eyes can see….or …hey what’s that?

OMG!! I think I see fog? mist? how long has it been since I’ve seen that? Seems like a lifetime and yet, this nebulous substance is moving my way fast reaching it’s skinny fingers out to wrap whatever is in its way in a think, fleecy blanket. I’m so relieved to see it as I am hoping that with it brings much needed moisture but at the same time I sense dread? What is in the mist? What kinds of toxins does the moisture carry and from where? Nonetheless I put out the collection cisterns and wait. I’ll have Todd set up the lab to test the liquid for viability and toxicity before we do anything with it. Please let the water be viable. Please.

Within minutes, the fog surrounds our home and I see nothing but a fuzzy globe in the sky — the sun — trying hard to fight off the fog but to no avail. And for the first time in years, I feel the temperature drop 5-7 degrees and a cool almost refreshing feeling descends upon us. I wish I could open the green house and let the garden experience the mist but I can’t take that chance until we know what is in it….

Harvest Feast

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Wow, I’m finally glad the sun has set. Harvesting today was quite a chore and I found a leak in my drip irrigation system which means I lost some valuable water that could have gone to the plants. Damn, oversights like that could cause my fragile ecosystem to collapse. Have to pay better attention to the equipment and get my boyfriend Todd on fixing that right away. But not today. It’s his birthday and I am planning a special meal. But I have get going to meet the caravan to trade for ingredients for dinner. So for now, a little plumbers tape will have to do the trick.

It’s been several months now since I built the greenhouse. When I first moved back to the area we still had a farmers market and I could trade services for products. Now we have food shortages, vegetable crops failing due to draught, fishing off the coast destroyed by the numerous oil spills and poor government response for containment. Practically everything we consume has become toxic…that is except for the food we manage to grow ourselves. That is how brown thumb here decided to go green. And I have to say I’m not doing too terrible a job.

Anyway, Todd’s birthday dinner went splendidly. I made him a tomato, cucumber, basil salad, potato pancakes (his favorite dish and a rare treat since we don’t have potatoes in our garden…yet), a quinoa desert treat made with the honey I’ve been saving for weeks and currants that I also bartered for at the caravan today. What we would have considered a light dinner several years ago has become a lavish treat. And if I could have procured any, I would have added bread to this special meal. Alas, wheat is at a super high premium and no amount of trade could buy me that. Nonetheless we are thankful for what we have and for each other so we continue to survive.

But I can’t help thinking if i can get an underground communication system up can we not distribute, share, collaborate and barter knowledge for more success in community agriculture? Someone in the caravan today was talking about a site called ReDSNET that is using distributed computing to find a cure for ReDS. Could we not get an organized system going for distributed agriculture at a localized level? Several camps working together to feed the community? Wish water was more available. i could use a shower to help me think this through…

Learning to Breath

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God, it’s hot and I am not used to wearing a mask while out in the sun. I used to love the feel of the sun on my face. Now the idea of it comes with thoughts of skin cancer and illness. Ok, go slow girl, breathing in a mask takes regulated breaths, not spurts or gulps of air. All I need to do is get to the storage shed to pick up some gardening tools for the make shift greenhouse I built on the patio.

I still marvel at how necessity drives change and invention. 9 years ago I couldn’t grow a weed if I tried. Now I have tomatos, zuccini, lettuce, cucumbers, quinoa, onions, garlic, chives, mint, tarragon, basil, cilantro, sage and rosemary. So far, so good. I’ve been able to grow enough food for myself and my boyfriend but looking to expand the garden. If only I could connect with others who grow their own food so we could barter goods and seeds. That has been a challenge with our communication infrastructures in question. Another project I have committed myself to these days besides survival.

To think in my old life I used to work in technology, building web sites, communities and playing with emerging media to create socially relevant interactions. HA! what I wouldn’t give to have the internet back and then again, not being so connected has been good in a strange way too. But I miss the contact with others like me. Where are they?

Focus kiddo. Tools, garden, harvest before produce becomes too ripe. We live in a delicate balance of time and nature now and every action requires focus… none of the multi-tasking days of old…


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I remember…..the warm, clean breeze gently blowing through my hair, the warm sun on my face, the taste of clear fresh water, silky and sweet, and soft grass underneath bare feet. A picnic in a field full of flowers, the bubbling of water rushing over rocks. I breathe deeply trying to take it all in and keep it there safely holding tightly to my memory. California dreaming…

…But it wasn’t a dream. 10 years ago the Bay Area was a lush and fertile garden. With global warming we suffered years of erratic climate changes, bringing extreme temperatures and finally draught. Once the bread basket of the west, we are now a desolate desert.

It is 2019 and this is my world…